How to post blank message in Facebook

Posted by Mayuresh on 08:26 PM, 03-Aug-13  •  Comments (0)

I want to share how to post blank messages in Facebook chat & status. Amaze your friends  by sending them blank messages.

Post blank messages in Facebook

Go to Facebook

Press ALT + 1073 & then Hit Enter. 

Now you are done. Thanks for reading. This is so small post but I think this is useful for you. If you

Get good grades in exam

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How to Download any YouTube video in mp3 format

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Winter care (Skin care) !

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Make money in small capital .

Posted by Mayuresh on 03:20 PM, 25-Oct-12  •  Comments (0)

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How to increase your memory .

Posted by Mayuresh on 05:44 PM, 19-Jul-12  •  Comments (2)

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